Doing Business in Downtown Albany

Your Business is Your Life. Live it Downtown. 
From international corporations, regional giants and locally owned proprietors, downtown Albany is more than business as usual. Accented by the powerful currents of the Hudson River to the motivating forces in the State Capitol, downtown Albany stands in good company with some of the greatest names in business today. Over 250 companies call downtown Albany home and signs like IBM, Microsoft, and WhoSay are seen throughout our streets.


As the Capital City of the most famous state in the world, businesses in Downtown thrive within a supportive and collaborative community. Hard work, energy and networking dominates the streets, spurs electricity and supports all types of success.  


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Our sincere thanks the BID Marketing Committee and the many photographers who contributed to this campaign including: Gary Gold, Randall Perry, Tim Raab, Kim Stock, Dave Wojeski and Julia Zave.

Photographer: Julia Zave