Restaurant Week 2018 participation

The 13th Annual Downtown Albany Restaurant Week | April 14 - 20, 2018

Last year, thousands of diners came out and visited the 17 participating restaurants. We’ve made a few changes, so please take note. Once you have read and understood all of the information below, please complete and submit the Restaurant Week participation agreement form, which is available as a PDF download or online submission form:

View/Download agreement form as a PDF OR Complete & submit form online

Participating restaurants will provide:

  • A $25.00, fixed-price Restaurant Week menu.  Be creative to make your menu stand out and encourage customers to choose your restaurant.‚Äč
    • The menu must feature a multi-course meal with a retail value of at least $35.00. At minimum, a three-course meal (for example: appetizer, entrée and dessert) with two or more options per course is required; the more options you offer, the more competitive your menu may be.
    • Make sure you are creating a valued experience for the customer. Be inventive with your menu. For instance, one restaurant opted to offer one menu for the first 5 nights and a different menu the last couple of nights. Consider a similar idea or other creative approaches.
  • Printing of your own menus. Participating restaurants will be required to print their own menus. The BID will provide the branded menu files to each participant for you to then print as needed. 
  • Distribution and collection of completed Diner Surveys. Restaurant Week Diner Surveys help the BID and your restaurant. The BID will print and provide restaurants with the survey cards. We ask you to distribute these cards to your Restaurant Week diners. At the end of Restaurant Week, we’ll collect the completed surveys and provide you with useful data based on the surveys you collect and contact information from your diners. PLUS, patrons who complete surveys are entered to win great prizes – be sure to encourage them to fill one out, it’s quick and easy. 
  • One (1) $50 gift certificate. The gift certificate from the participating restaurant will be used for Restaurant Week prizes. 
  • Promotion of Restaurant Week. Participating restaurants should spread the word about Restaurant Week on their websites and social media channels, post and distribute the BID’s Restaurant Week flyers at their establishments, and inform patrons and those making reservations.

The Downtown Albany BID will provide:

  • Paid targeted marketing, advertising and public relations activities to promote and build excitement around the event and draw diners to downtown Albany. Restaurant Week will be promoted via our popular social media channels, e-blasts to our list of approximately 9,500 subscribers, and press releases distributed to local media outlets. The BID will also be co-branding the marketing with partners to increase visibility.
  • Posters, social media graphics and more will be provided to you to leverage reservations before the event begins. 
  • Demographic information and feedback from Restaurant Week diners collected through the Diner Surveys.

Suggestions for a successful Restaurant Week:

  • Please consider adding live music or other entertainment elements to your own venue’s line-up. Be sure to tell us so we can promote these added events as well. 
  • Promote free Downtown parking. Info here:

The Downtown Albany Restaurant Week 2018 participation agreement form is available as a PDF download or an online submission form. If you plan to participate in this year’s event, please complete, sign and return this form along with your menu (electronic version preferred), a gift certificate, and a high resolution electronic version of your logo by midnight, February 15, 2018. Questions, comments and all required materials should be sent directly to Jason Bonafide, Special Events Manager at or 518.465.2143 x 111. 

We are looking forward to making this the best Restaurant Week yet!