Celebrating First Responders & Frontliners | Downtown Albany

Celebrating First Responders & Frontliners

Celebrating First Responders & Frontliners

Celebrating First Responders & Frontliners is a program launched by the City of Albany’s three Business Improvement Districts: Central Avenue, Downtown Albany, and Lark Street (BID), to thank the first responders and frontline workers whose dedication through the COVID-19 pandemic keeps the community safe, mobile, and fed.

Each day in May, one of the BIDs will select one hero at random to receive a $50 gift certificate to a restaurant, retailer, or retail-related business within their District. All nominees submitted through May 31, 2020 will also be entered into a drawing to win one of the $200 Gift Card Prize Packs each BID has provided. Congratulations to our Gift Card Prize Pack winners Angel Soto, Jenny Benaquisto and Jason Doolittle! 

View Facebook album of all honorees here.


Christina Hess Al-Junaid
Nominated by: Alyssa Lotmore

Angel Soto
Nominated by: Addy Waldie

John LaFountain
Nominated by: Nicole Donato LaFountain

Donna Bundi-Fetter
Nominated by: Suzanne O'Connor

Jenny Benaquisto
Nominated by: Anne M. Pierce

Federico and Marie Larrinaga
Nominated by: Thomas Whalen

Lisa Corona
Nominated by: Nicole Smith

Rochel DeSilva
Nominated by: Riley Ackley

Joe Martin
Nominated by: Jennifer Roberts

Gabrielle Del Bene
Nominated by: Briana Del Bene

Christina Hobbins
Nominated by: Jennifer Roberts

Maura Tuffey
Nominated by: Jacqueline Murphy

Honoree: Ericka Lackey
Nominated by: Jennifer Roberts​

Honoree: Jennifer Roberts
Nominated by: Christina Hobbin​s

Honoree: Jason Doolittle
Nominated by: Suzanne Oliver​

Honoree: Raina Foland
Nominated by: Jennifer Roberts​

Honoree: Amanda Strock
Nominated by: Christina Hobbin​s

Honoree: Tyler Montgomery
Nominated by: Shayla Montgomery