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The Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe

The Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe

37 Maiden Lane

The goal of The Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe is to be part of that centuries-old tradition and bring unique spin on food to the people of our great city. At the Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe we take pride in making all of our lunch offerings from scratch using only the best and freshest ingredients.

Over 40 years ago, Ed & Chris Richards were little league players on the Swarthmore, PA Yankees. Their coach's parents owned a small restaurant in town. One day, as the "star" players on the team (Ed was the pitcher and Chris was the catcher), we were treated to a pre game lunch in the restaurant. We instantly developed a passion for food and were hooked on the idea of going into the restaurant business together and so, the conversation began. Ed & Chris Richards were born in Albany, while growing up in Pennsylvania and Metro New York, they always considered Albany home.

Combining years of experience, a passion for BBQ, a love of food (especially lunch) and a forty-year old dream, the Richards brothers decided it was time to share our passions with Albany... the place we always considered HOME. We decided to open The Cobblestone Lunch Shoppe which is more than just a store to us. To us, to our team, this is really our second home. So when we say our food is homemade, we mean it. Just as we consider our team as family, we hope to build a bigger, extended, family by sharing our lunch with you.

From our homemade bacon (we cure and smoke our bacon using our own unique cure and smoke process), our freshly cured ham, our homemade corned beef and pastrami, our freshly roasted turkey and roast beef to our specially prepared soups, salads, and hot meals, everything we make is unique to us and designed to satisfy everyone's desire for a "proper" lunch.

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