2020 Wine & Dine for the Arts

2020 Wine & Dine for the Arts

The 11th Anniversary Albany Chefs’ Food & Wine Festival: Wine & Dine for the Arts will be held on January 16-18, 2020.

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The regions for the 2020 Albany Chefs’ Food and Wine Festival Theme include a global roster of nations and continents, posing an interesting visual challenge. This year’s theme utilizes the beauty and simplicity found in the national flags around the world and expands upon the wine bottle theme. Supplementing the wine bottle is a hot air balloon, hinting at international travel with simple flag design elements cut into a blue sky. Our 11th Anniversary Grand Gala Reception & Dinner will feature the food, wine, arts & culture of Regional American, Latin American, African, Asian, Eastern European, Western European, and Mediterranean!

Mayor's Reception
January 16 | 5:30 PM
Albany City Hall

Grand Tasting & Seminars 
January 17 | 4:00-8:00 PM
January 18 | Noon-4:00 PM
Albany Capital Center 

Slider Slam
January 17 | 8:00-11:00 PM
Albany Capital Center

Grand Gala Reception & 6-Course Dinner
January 18 | 6:30 PM
Albany Capital Center

January 16-18