ANYCon | 3rd Annual Hacker Conference

ANYCon | 3rd Annual Hacker Conference

ANYCon will take place November 1-2 at the Pearl Street Pub. Purchase tickets online.

ANYCon was born out of a desire to bring the New England area together for a security conference that is easily-accessible, educational, and fun. Whether you’re a student learning about the infosec world, or a seasoned security expert, there will be something for you at ANYCon. We’re building a community of students, enthusiasts, and professionals to improve the state of security in the industry, and have a bit of fun while doing it!


This year, we’re focusing on what you all loved most about ANYCon - the CTF! This year’s CTF will be better than ever before, with prizes to match, including our featured grand prize of… $2,000 CASH

That’s right, come be a part of the conference, play in the CTF, and potentially walk away with some serious dough. Don’t worry, you can still walk away with great prizes, even if you aren’t the most 1337 hacker in the con. Our second and third prize offerings are valued at $1,000 and $500, respectively. We have a ton of other stuff planned as well to make this a really unique event. Never done a CTF before? WE GOT U FAM! We’ll have a separate Training CTF running concurrently to the regular event, which will focus on the basics, and have you competing with the pros in no time! And everybody is a winner of our priceless prize - KNOWLEDGE We’ll have a few talks this year, but there will be no dedicated talk tracks, only the training associated with the CTF, and any other talks we’re able to fit in-between. For those not interested in the CTF, those talks are available, as well as villages, vendors, and quality time with your hacker family!

November 1 & 2
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