Belly Lovers V-Day Special Menu

Belly Lovers V-Day Special Menu

at Cider Belly Donuts | 25 N. Pearl Street

Hello Belly Lovers! Here is the menu that will speak to all hearts! This menu is for Valentine's Day only (February 14). We HIGHLY recommend placing an order in advance. No guarantee for walk-ins.

Below you will find our 6-Pack specials that we are offering for the day along with our menu:

  • Puppy Love: $12
  • True Love: $15
  • Heart Breaker: $15.50

Limited Special Flavors include:

  • Scarlet Rendezvous: Red Velvet Doughnut dipped in Chocolate Fudge and Drizzled with Strawberry = $2.50
  • Red Velvet RockStar: Fresh whipped CreamCheese Frosting atop a Red Velvet Belly = $2.50
  • S'moreo: Red Velvet Doughnut with crushed Valentine's Day Oreo Cookies topped with Marshmallow Fluff and Chocolate Fudge = $3.00
  • Heart Throb: Chocolate Brownie Doughnut with Strawberry Icing and Chocolate Fudge Drizzle = $2.50
  • Triple Chocolate: Chocolate Brownie Doughnut adorned with Fudge Icing and White Chocolate Stripes = $2.00
  • Brownie Blaster: Chocolate Brownie Doughnut with sprinkles = $2.00
  • Ol'Salty: Chocolate Brownie Doughnut smothered in Fudge Frosting and topped with Gooey Sea Salt Caramel = $2.00
  • Strawbubbly: Vanilla Doughnut glazed with Strawberry Moscato = $2.00
  • D'Oh Nut : Vanilla Spiced Doughnut with Strawberry Glaze and Sprinkles = $1.25
  • Cupid's Kiss: Vanilla Spiced Doughnut available with Vanilla Glaze or Fudge Frosting and Decorated with eyes and a set of Candy Heart Lips = $2.00
  • Heart Attack: A Sweet Belly-Loving Bacon Surprise! = $4.00
  • Holy Moly Cannoli: Vanilla Spiced Doughnut dressed with Fudge Frosting and topped with Mascarpone Cannoli Filling = $4.00

Please call to place your order! Delivery and Pick up Available! (518) 888-4285

February 14 | 6:30 AM - 3:00 PM