Brexit and its Global Consequences

Brexit and its Global Consequences

The Irish American Heritage Museum will host Brexit and its Global Consequences on May 24 at 6:30 PM.

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Join Irish-born, Boston College Visiting History Professor, Peter Molony, for an interesting look at the landscape of Modern Europe.

In the next few weeks, British Prime Minister, Theresa May, will trigger the mechanism that will officially launch the UK on an irreversible path towards exiting the European Union, the world's largest free-trade zone, featuring over half a billion inhabitants. Article 50, as the mechanism is officially called, will bring to an end the diplomatic shadow boxing that has dominated British political life since the June referendum. The divorce process will become a reality and the most complex set of negotiations ever held among modern sovereign states will commence in earnest.

The... progress of Brexit will have an impact far beyond Europe. It is the first time any member state has left the EU and a fascinating litmus test of what an individual independent state can actually achieve in a world where the post-war globalization order is facing significant challenges.

For the United States, it poses several critical questions. First, like watching close friends divorce, the US may be unwillingly drawn into the diplomatic and trade battles that lay ahead. After decades of promoting closer European cooperation, how will the US government deal with the first significant disintegration of the historically successful European integration model? Second, what does this mean for American trade with Europe, its single largest trading partner? With the joint US-EU economies accounting for half of global GDP and one third of total global trade, this relationship is critical to global stability and economic growth.

A messy Brexit could have serious consequences for American businesses and consumers. In preparation, the American public needs to be aware of what's at stake for them and their country.

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May 24 | 6:30 PM
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