Bridgman Packer Dance

Bridgman Packer Dance

at The Egg Performing Arts Center

Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer present their innovative “Video Partnering” choreography – the integration of performance and video technology that has been acclaimed for its highly visual and visceral alchemy of the live and the virtual - on Friday, February 16, at The Egg.   


Tickets | $28 | Purchase online


In Remembering What Never Happened, memory becomes a constantly shifting territory as they delve into the changeable nature of time, form, perception, and identity. The dancers interact with video projections of their images that morph into digital re-interpretations of the human body, while scenes shot on location in the Mojave Desert transform into surreal landscapes. In Under The Skin, the duet form explodes into a magically populated stage as Bridgman and Packer interchange with their ever-multiplying virtual selves. The performers’ bodies and costumes become projection screens, creating a redefining of identities. Read more.


February 16 | 8:00 PM