Curating the Language of You | Downtown Albany

Curating the Language of You

Curating the Language of You

Root3d hosts Curating the Language of You on June 27 at 6:00 PM. Virtual event.

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In collaboration and reflection, we together discuss the path to curating the unique dialects of what it means to be- you- but now in a spiritual linguistic experience. In this workshop series, we will together break down and define each expression of Love, Appreciation, Anger and Apology in three tiers of connections: self, platonic and romantic connections. When we think about it, the way we love ourselves may or may not have a distinction in expression in comparison to how we love and connect with others- from friends, family and romantic partners. And that awareness also deserves nurturing, to create opportunities for grounding and ascension in honor of the connections and experiences we encounter.We will be curating a safe space together behind the intention of creating bridges and pathways to deeper, and more fulfilling connections with elf and others. Beginning with a chakra sound portal opening experience, allowing us the grounding access to our most divine selves. As we invite our higher selves to this sacred safe space, we will journey together through an interactive discovery of our soul: through self reflection and how we nourish ourselves, our connections with others both platonically and in romantic settings.

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June 27 | 6:00 PM