Low Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

Low Back Pain & Sciatica Workshop

A free, educational workshop for those suffering with current or recurrent low back pain and/or sciatica will be offered at OMNI Fitness on both October 4 and October 11, 2017.


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Topics covered include different sources of back pain, home stretches and home management for each source of back pain, and conservative treatments for low back pain and sciatica. The goal of this workshop is to get each participant back to the active lifestyle they desire with little to no limitations or pain and without relying on pain killers, injections, or surgery.


Register at www.thegreenroompt.com under the "Events" tab/page and specify the date you prefer under the comments section. You may also sign up on The Green Room Physical Therapy’s Facebook Page or by calling 518.326.3771


54 State Street, Floor 2 | 518.326.3771


October 4 & 11 | 5:30 - 6:30 PM