A Night of Irish Theatre

A Night of Irish Theatre

The Irish American Heritage Museum will host A Night of Irish Theatre on March 5 at 2:00 PM.

$5 members, $10 non-members

Because of the success of 2016's production of "Rising of the Moon," The Irish American Heritage Museum is proud to announce it is hosting the productions of two one act plays, Lady August Gregory's "Spreading the News", and George Bernard Shaw's "How He Lied To Her Husband". These performances are funded by Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs Emigrant Support Programme. Before each production their will also be a discussion giving historical background to each play. Each play is directed by Steven O'Connor.

"Spreading the News" takes place in a small village in rural Ireland, a new (English) magistrate inspects stalls at the local fair, expecting the worst. Because of Mrs. Tarpey's hearing impairment and the villagers' love of gossip, a misunderstanding grows and grows, lea...ding to a false arrest for a murder that never happened. The play ends abruptly, with little resolution; we are left wondering what happened. Most of the humor is situational, rather than playing with language. Because we know what really happened at the beginning, most of the play uses dramatic irony.

"How He Lied to Her Husband" is an amusing tale that involves the blurred lines of infidelity, budding romance, and the fear of being caught by the better half. A married, aristocratic woman named Aurora is having an affair with a much younger, attractive man. When she loses the love poems addressed to her, she becomes fearful and paranoid. What will happen to her, and what will her husband think? The husband's reaction will delight and surprise the audience, who should enjoy this brief but very humorous comedy of manners.

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March 5 | 2:00 PM
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