Seanachie Eves Featuring Bairbre McCarthy and Frank Orsini

Seanachie Eves Featuring Bairbre McCarthy and Frank Orsini

The Irish American Heritage Museum will host Seanachie Eves featuring Bairbre McCarthy and Frank Orsini on May 12 at 7:00 PM.

Admission | $5 members, $10 non-members

Bairbre McCarthy is a storyteller and author from County Clare on Ireland's west coast. She is noted for her knowledge of Irish mythology, folklore and language, and she enjoys collaborations with other artists. Bairbre is the founder of the children's program at Catskills Irish Arts Week, in East Durham NY, the largest summer school in North America devoted to the Irish Traditional Arts, and she is also a NYS certified teacher of English, French and Gifted students.

Bairbre 's books and CDs include: Favorite Irish Legends (dual-language book and CD), 1997, Irish Leprechaun Stories, 1998, The Adventures of Cúchulainn, 2000, The Keeper of the Crock of Gold, 2008. She has produced the CD Introduction to the Irish Language: Easy Irish Lessons for Beginners.

Bairbre is joined by multi-instrumentalist Frank Orsini whose skill on fiddle, guitar & harp, enhance Bairbre's storytelling & adds tandem-storytelling, singing and dancing to the program.

This program will be fun for all ages.

370 Broadway | 518.427.1916

May 12 | 7:00 PM
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