Sensual Movement | Downtown Albany

Sensual Movement

Sensual Movement

Root3d hosts Sensual Movement with Ari biweekly on Thursdays at 8:00 PM. Class is held virtually.

Fee | $11 | Register online

Dance and movement started in church for me, but evolved into a conversation I share with my higher self and ancestors. I take intuitive movement as medicine to connect with the parts of me that desire to burst into child like joy or a sensual moment of vulnerability. Dancing with community is a powerful tool, to not only connect with all the beautiful parts of you, but also those around you. An opportunity for an intentional synergy. It’s an opportunity to provide healthy spaces for beings of light (yes, you and me!) to express the parts of us that we might have chosen to dim but are now asking for us to connect with ourselves and our truth in a deeply intimate way.

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165 S Pearl Street

Biweekly Thursdays | 8:00 PM