Spring Break Stargazing

Spring Break Stargazing

at the Henry Hudson Planetarium

Having a stay-cation with the kids for spring break this year? No problem! Check out the Henry Hudson Planetarium's 2018 Spring Break programs:


April 3 at 11:00 AM: Stars of the Pharaoh

Are the stars in Egypt the same stars we see in Albany? Answer this question and more when we turn the Henry Hudson Planetarium into a starry Egyptian landscape. Learn about the Egyptian’s relationship with our celestial skies and how their astronomer’s discoveries continue to influence us today. Together, we will learn the ancient art of mummification and families with leave the Planetarium with homemade Egyptian inspired accessories sure to be the envy of any Pharaoh! Ages 8 and up. $3.


April 4 at 11:00 AM: Zoo in the Sky

Meet a lion, bears and other animals of the night sky. After the show, enjoy an astronomy craft with your family! Appropriate for children grades preK – 2 and their families. $3. 


April 4 at 1:00 PM: Wonders of the Universe

Exploration of seasonal constellations, planets, galaxies and other wonders of the universe. All ages. $3.


April 6 at 11:00 AM: Super Heroes in the Sky!

Zeus and Jupiter! Hermes and Mercury! Aphrodite and Venus! These ancient Gods from Greek and Roman mythology helped ancient astronomers interpret the strangeness of the night sky. Super Heroes in the Sky! will explore the myths surrounding the planets and constellations and will demonstrate how these early astronomers continue to influence our modern scientists today. $3.


About the Henry Hudson Planetarium:

The Henry Hudson Planetarium is an official NASA Space Place! Visit the Space Place website at www.spaceplace.nasa.gov to view a complete directory. Designed specifically for elementary school age children, this site teaches space science and technology in a way that is fun and hands-on.

April 3 - 6 | Multiple times