St. Brigid's Day with Triskele

St. Brigid's Day with Triskele

Triskele will perform at the Irish American Heritage Museum on February 1 at 7:00 PM. The performance helps usher in Spring on the ancient Celtic festival of Imbolc and celebrate St. Brigid's Day. 

Tickets | $12-$15 | call 518.427.1916 for reservations 

Triskele is an all-female Celtic band out of Albany NY. They are known for their stunning harmonies, singing the the Gaelic language and for their Irish wit. These ladies perform traditional, original and some modern Celtic/Irish music, while educating the audience about the Gaelic language, traditional instrumentation, traditions, through Irish history and stories about growing up in Ireland.

The Imbolc festival honored the pagan goddess Brigid and is now commonly known as St. Brigid's Day. Imbolc or 'i mbolg' (in the belly) represented the fertile time of Spring. The celebration also coincided with the onset of the Blackthorn blooming. Imbolc represented new life and a new year of light. Brigid was a pagan goddess who was celebrated as the goddess of fire and flame, inspiration, smith craft, poetry, healing waters and birth. She

represented change and transformation and was such an important figure, that the Catholic church canonized the pagan goddess, knowing that they needed to hold on to her and the festival of Imbolc which was so important to people. So the matron saint of Ireland, Brigid, was born.

370 Broadway | 518.427.1916

February 1 | 7:00 PM