The Gateway Apartments

The Gateway Apartments

Graced with floor to ceiling windows from the building’s predominantly industrial past, the 13 newly constructed apartments at 4-6 Sheridan provide extensive views over the First Albany Church as well as Downtown’s newest office building, 677 Broadway.  The luxury project, with units boasting modern floor plans and appliances, lies in the gateway of a burgeoning residential district. 

The four-story brick building was originally constructed in 1919 for the J.T.D. Blackburn Coal Company who only occupied the building for a few years. It was followed by the Sure Grip Adhesives glue manufacturing establishment in the late 1920s, only to be succeeded by Cluett and Sons, Piano Manufacturers, and VanCurler Music. Its 1937 tenant was Coast to Coast Distributers who shipped used furniture around the United States. It was also the home of Freedman Brothers Clothing from 1944 to 1957, who seemed to be the buildings longest occupant. Later it became home The Big House Brewing Company, which started the resurgence of Downtown and the Entertainment District, as well as the nightclub, Skyline. The building defies architectural stylistic description as it was built as a manufacturing building where the main concern was providing adequate light for those working inside.

PRICE - Starting at $900
BEDROOMS - Two bedrooms
DATE AVAILABLE - Renting based on availability


Joe Palma, Property Manager