Capitalize Albany to Host Public Engagement Kick Off Regarding Albany Skyway Project’s Design and Engineering | Downtown Albany

Capitalize Albany to Host Public Engagement Kick Off Regarding Albany Skyway Project’s Design and Engineering

Capitalize Albany to Host Public Engagement Kick Off Regarding Albany Skyway Project’s Design and Engineering

A Community Event to Share Ideas and Learn About The Region’s First Highline Park to Re-purpose I-787 Ramp and Improve Waterfront Connectivity

Press release below from Capitalize Albany Corporation:

Capitalize Albany Media Contact: Michael Bohne – (518) 434-2532


March 5, 2018 - ALBANY, NY – With support from Governor Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council initiative and New York State, Capitalize Albany Corporation is kicking off the Albany Skyway project with a public event in order to generate ideas that will support the project’s initial design and engineering.


WHERE: Albany Heritage Area Visitors Center 25 Quackenbush Square Albany, NY 12207


WHEN: March 8, 5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.




An online survey is available for those interested in the Albany Skyway project here:!/dashboard  


The survey’s feedback will support this event’s conversation, the project’s initial design and engineering. The project team wants to hear what matters to the community. If a person does not have internet access, the survey will be made available in physical format at the March 8 event.


“The Albany Skyway will serve as a recreational resource and a key component in connecting Downtown, the Warehouse District, Sheridan Hollow and Arbor Hill neighborhoods to the Hudson River waterfront,” said Mayor Kathy Sheehan. “We’re gearing up for more than $100 million in investment at the foot of the Skyway that will have a profound impact on the capital city’s building momentum. It’s a crucial time to make strategic investments at this City gateway, creating a welcoming destination.”


“Public engagement is critical to this project’s first phase. The feedback we receive will go a long way towards the project’s ultimate success as we look towards future project phases,” said Capitalize Albany Corporation president Sarah Reginelli. “The Skyway thinks about our infrastructure as an opportunity. This amenity will serve as a Regional attraction and spur additional growth. Beyond even this, the project takes back a portion of I-787 improving walkability and bikeability as well as enhancing sustainability.”

This forum kicks off the first phase of a multi-phase project that will ultimately result in the conversion of the I-787 northbound exit ramp from Quay Street to Clinton Avenue — into the Region’s first and only highline park — the Albany Skyway. The Impact Downtown strategy found that the current exit ramp is underutilized, redundant to other exits, and could offer more to the City, and Region.


As part of the Skyway’s Phase I, the Corporation is working with engineering firm, Stantec, to complete initial design and engineering. The firm’s scope of work includes a site assessment and feasibility study, traffic impact study, planning and preliminary design work and other related activities.

The property is owned by the New York State Department of Transportation. NYSDOT is working collaboratively with Capitalize Albany towards the project’s success.

The Impact Downtown Albany strategic plan, the City’s comprehensive plan, LWRP and waterfront master plan show demand for, and an economic need to increase connections from downtown to the waterfront. Currently, I-787 presents an imposing barrier disassociating downtown and surrounding neighborhoods from the river.


The completed conversion of the exit ramp would transform the underutilized infrastructure into a landscaped multi-use connection, from downtown Albany and surrounding neighborhoods including Arbor Hill and Sheridan Hollow, to the Corning Riverfront Park. Upon conversion — the former ramp would serve as a fully ADA compliant promenade, bike route and linear park making valuable connections to the Hudson River — dramatically increasing accessibility to both downtown and the waterfront. In addition to serving as a waterfront connection, the Skyway would be an amenity for Albany’s downtown neighborhoods, creating an experience for its users and becoming a regional destination.


The project’s sustainability impact will be an additional benefit. Once completed, the project would function much like a green roof, absorbing, filtering and diverting storm runoff that would otherwise enter the City’s combined sewers and eventually the Hudson.




About Capitalize Albany Corporation: A catalyst for economic growth, Capitalize Albany Corporation facilitates transformational development projects, serving as the City of Albany’s economic development organization. A registered 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organization implementing programs and resources to create, retain, and attract business in the City of Albany