Root3d | Downtown Albany



165 S Pearl Street

Root3d is all about coming back to your foundation, to your roots. We are a wellness center for ALL with a mission to make self healing accessible and a part of our day to day lives.

We believe that in order to be good to those around us, we first have to care of the 3 dimensions of the self: the mind, body, and spirit.

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The driving force behind Root3d is that healing is for EVERYONE; healing yourself is your birthright regardless of your race, body type, gender identity and expression, or your financial status.

Root3d does not have any gurus; we are here to help you figure it out but know that you essentially have the answers you need. Root3d offers workshops, weekly donation classes, and individual sessions focused on removing blockages so that we can all heal and nourish our roots. This is a safe space to take care of you, whether your wellness journey has just begun or you have been actively healing for years!



Imagine moments where your mind is no longer racing. Where all the thoughts and memories that make you feel like shit slow down long enough for you to actually listen to the flow of your breath and the movement of your body, and to feel a sense of calm. This is what yoga can provide. It's okay if you can't touch your toes. It's okay if you've never tried it before! We'll figure it out together; yoga is accessible for everybody.


Our workshops help to de-mystify the wellness world, because healing can be a part of your day to day lifestyle! Root3d’s workshops give you space to connect to yourself, and to connect with others that are also looking to heal themselves.


Our on site therapist offers individual therapy sessions that incorporate mindfulness, yoga, trauma processing, meditation, and aromatherapy. Talk therapy is a way to get it all out in a judgment free zone, and to take control of your healing journey!