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DeGraff, Foy & Kunz LLP

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For over a hundred years, DeGraff, Foy & Kunz, LLP has engaged in a sophisticated and diverse practice of law, handling matters as wide-ranging as motor vehicle accident and medical malpractice claims to divorce proceedings and large commercial real estate deals. Our simple purpose has been-and remains-to provide superior legal services across select areas of practice in a prompt, cost-effective, and uncompromising manner.

While we embrace and celebrate our proud history as a large firm with its finger on the pulse of the city of Albany, the DeGraff Foy of today is a more streamlined, focused and efficient adaptation.

We are built for speed-though ready, willing and able to go the distance-and no matter if we're prosecuting a catastrophic personal injury case, navigating a contentious matrimonial matter, managing a complex real estate deal or counseling through a high-stakes business undertaking, our overriding and unwavering objective is consistent: to obtain the best possible result for the client.

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