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Malkin & Ross (M&R) is a New York State lobbying firm committed to advancing the public policy interests of our clients. We specialize in developing targeted, campaign-based strategies to help our clients effectively communicate their messages and advance their legislative and regulatory objectives.

Established in 1984, M&R is one of the most respected and successful firms in New York, advocating for client interests centered on human and social services, education, consumer rights, civil justice, criminal justice, healthcare, energy, and the environment. We partner with businesses, nonprofit organizations and trade associations to advance public interest goals.

Our Approach

Early on, M&R recognized that lobbying was no longer a one-dimensional tactic best pursued behind-the-scenes. In today’s heavily regulated legislative arena, lobbying takes place in the public eye and requires nuanced expertise. Paid and earned media, editorial support, coalition-building with third-party interest groups, and strategic issue framing are what it takes to win support from a broad spectrum of elected officials. Our multifaceted approach goes hand-in-hand with connected and committed counsel. We have a proven track record of developing compelling messages that resonate and lead to sound policy initiatives.

What We Do

Our practice areas include:

  • Government Affairs Representation before the Governor, Legislature and Executive Agencies;
  • Strategic Consulting;
  • Media Relations;
  • Partnership & Coalition-Building;
  • Grant Writing & Fundraising; and
  • Online Advocacy & Fundraising.
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