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McGreevy ProLab & ProPress was opened in 1990 as "Neil McGreevy Studio" and offered black and white film developing by hand, custom black and white printing in trays, color Cibachrome printing, and the photography of fine art.

From the beginning the emphasis of the lab was on providing custom, high quality service and craftsmanship.

In December of 1995, Neil McGreevy significantly expanded the business by purchasing the Black & White ProLab, Inc. of Troy, NY. Both labs were merged together under the new name of "McGreevy ProLab" and moved to a new location at 8 Liberty Street in Albany, NY.

As the McGreevy ProLab continued to grow, so too did its list of services. By the year 2000 McGreevy ProLab was truly a full service professional lab offering a wide range of both black & white and color lab services.

The introduction of digital lab services starting in April of 2003 marks the beginning of what has been the McGreevy ProLab's biggest expansion ever. This ongoing endeavor has included the purchase of many remarkable pieces of high end digital imaging equipment and has allowed the lab to offer a wide range of new services.

In May of 2004 McGreevy ProLab opened a new store front and customer service counter at 376 Broadway, soon followed by a new web site and online ordering capabilities.

In 2010 McGreevy ProLab made another significant expansion by adding on-demand digital press printing. This opened up vast new possibilities for double sided printing. Not only did the expansion include the purchase of a digital printing press, but also the peripheral post production equipment that is required to trim bleeds, stack cut, score, fold, glue, bind and finish off a myriad of products (postcards, business cards, folded cards, brochures, flyers, hang tags, rack cards, bookmarks, posters, etc., as well as soft and hardcover books). To usher in this new and expanded service the company name was changed from McGreevy ProLab to McGreevy ProLab & ProPress.

Today McGreevy ProLab & ProPress is proud to be the Capital Region's premier imaging facility, remaining at the forefront of current trends and technologies. It truly stands alone offering a full range of traditional film based lab services together with high end digital imaging. Over 20 years in business and the philosophy of the lab still remains the same as it did from the beginning; to provide unsurpassed customer service, high quality products and fine craftsmanship.