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Wemett and Hall, LLC

Wemett and Hall, LLC

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Wemett & Hall is the capital regions premier residential property tax grievance firm. If your home is overassessed, the experts at Wemett & Hall are here to help!

Property taxes are the largest expense homeowners have to pay other than a mortgage. Each homeowner has the obligation to pay their property taxes and also the responsibility to pay only “their fair share”.

Your property taxes are like your income taxes – they change every year. And just as you consult your accountant each year about income taxes, you should also consult a “Property Tax Specialist” for a real property assessment analysis. Since property assessments are subject to errors and inaccuracies … they are also susceptible to reductions and possible refunds. Just like income taxes, they have to be reviewed each year. And unlike an accountant, we will not charge a fee unless we succeed in saving you money.

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