Downtown is Pawsome

Downtown is Pawsome

The 2017 placemaking exhibit Downtown is Pawsome features a collection of three-foot-tall sculptures based on Albany's famous canine resident and local landmark, Nipper the Dog.

These colorful statues were designed and customized by regional artists and placed on display at various Downtown locations. The pups were relocated to their indoor "foster homes" for the winter, but the spring weather has brought them back outside! 

Click here to view/download the walking tour map listing all of the locations, or feel free to stop by our office at 21 Lodge Street to pick up a printed version. 

*Please note: As of August 2018, the Downtown is Pawsome statues have been removed from their street locations in preparation of the Downtown is Pawsome Auction on September 21, 2018, at the Olde English Pub & Pantry.*

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About the Downtown Albany BID's Placemaking program:
In 2005, the outdoor Placemaking program (formerly “Sculpture in the Streets”) was established to connect Downtown employees, residents and visitors with the places they share by reinventing public spaces with various art forms. From regional creators to world renowned artists like Seward Johnson and George Rickey, the exhibits have attracted thousands annually. Similar past projects included the installation of customized pianos as part of Luke Jerram’s internationally touring Play Me, I’m Yours series in 2014 and giant Dutch clogs celebrating Albany’s history in 2012, all enhanced by the Capital Region’s local art community. The Downtown is Pawsome project is sponsored by the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, 80 State Street LLC, Albany Center Gallery, the City of Albany, Discover Albany, the Palace Theatre, Upside Collective, and media partner Nippertown. The addition of the 10 more sculptures—an expansion of this year’s Placemaking exhibit—was made possible in part by the Amplify Albany Grant Program, a program supported by the City of Albany Capital Resource Corporation and Capitalize Albany Corporation. More information on the grant program is available at