Albany Skyway receives $5 million from State | Downtown Albany

Albany Skyway receives $5 million from State

Albany Skyway receives $5 million from State

Governor Cuomo has announced $5 million toward construction of the Albany Skyway, making it one of 11 Capital Region projects being funded that support bicycle and pedestrian enhancements. 

Resulting in the transformation of the I-787 northbound ramp from Quay Street to Clinton Avenue into the Capital District's first and only elevated park, the Albany Skyway will enhance neighborhood connections to the Hudson River while improving walkability and bikeability. The project originates from the Impact Downtown Albany strategic plan, the City's comprehensive plan, LWRP and waterfront master plan showing demand for, and an economic need to, increase donnections from Downtown to the waterfront.

From Capitalize Albany Corporation: "The completed conversion of the exit ramp would transform the underutilized infrastructure into a landscaped multi-use connection, from downtown Albany and surrounding neighborhoods including Arbor Hill and Sheridan Hollow, to the Corning Riverfront Park. Upon conversion — the former ramp would serve as a fully ADA compliant promenade, bike route and linear park making valuable connections to the Hudson River — dramatically increasing accessibility to both downtown and the waterfront. In addition to serving as a waterfront connection, the Skyway would be an amenity for Albany’s downtown neighborhoods, creating an experience for its users and becoming a regional destination."

Previously, the Governor announced $3.1 million of DOT funding to support the decommissioning of the ramp and all of the Skyway's baseline requirements to convert the infrastructure and open the park. 

Read the full announcement from Governor Cuomo's office here