Fashion, art, music flow together at Etrice Gallery | Downtown Albany

Fashion, art, music flow together at Etrice Gallery

Fashion, art, music flow together at Etrice Gallery

A space dedicated to highlighting local artists across mediums, Etrice Gallery was welcomed to downtown Albany with a ribbon cutting ceremony on July 15, 2021. 

Owner Davion Brink was inspired to open the gallery by a childhood spent in part touring the world with his mother, singer Maria Brink whom he calls his “momager,” and a family history of entrepreneurship, Davion, 28, began making clothes at a young age and has carried with him a lifelong a passion for creating. Having lived in both the Capital Region and California, Davion decided to open the gallery in downtown Albany to build a platform for what he saw as a missing piece to the region’s puzzle: a destination for all types of expression, be they sculpture, spoken word, or anything in between.

So named to represent a part of himself, Davion’s eponymous gallery is about uplifting the community, and especially after a year of being secluded, drawing people out of their homes and bringing them to a collective space where they can experience artistic endeavors together. Working with both regional and international artists, Davion’s work is focused on growing the region’s artistic scene and offering opportunities afforded to him as a youth, noting that without the outlets – namely dancing, sports, and the arts - he had growing up, his future could have been drastically different. Now in a position to create opportunities for others, the focus through Etrice Gallery will be on changing the landscape of artistic expression in the area, while creating a platform for a variety of mediums. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am without the arts,” said Etrice Gallery owner Davion Brink. “With Etrice Gallery, I am working to create an artistic hub for the area, seamlessly bringing together fashion, art, and music. I’ve been working on this vision for over five years and am excited to welcome people in to appreciate art in all of its forms, evolve the connections artists have with each other and the community, and create opportunities for creatives to grow their work and their following.”  

The opening exhibit at Etrice Gallery is artwork by Alyssa Objio, whose whimsical works are on display through sculpture, furniture, installation work, and jewelry. More information on Objio’s work can be found on Instagram:   

Located at 70 N Pearl Street, more information on Etrice Gallery can be found at, on Instagram, or by calling 518.320.7082.