Food Court Vendors Open at 50 South Eatery

Food Court Vendors Open at 50 South Eatery

A handful of new dining options are now available in Downtown - all in one building. 

Vendors at the 50 South Eatery food court - located directly across from the Times Union Center - are beginning to open, with current options including Trinbago Caribbean Restaurant, Bar-B-Que Tonight Express which serves up Indian and Pakistani cuisine, and Wicked Wings N Things. A lease has also been signed for Thia eatery Pho Queen to open a second location in the space. 

The food court opened amidst transformational development happening in Downtown that includes the $10 million DRI funding, $15 million for development of the former Convention Center site, the upcoming Albany Skyway, and $78 million Redburn Development investment in a portfolio of buildings in Downtown. 

50 South Eatery is open 11:00 AM-7:00 PM daily, and later on nights of Times Union Center events. 

Photo: Hunt Real Estate