Ridesharing Now Available in Upstate NY | Downtown Albany

Ridesharing Now Available in Upstate NY

Ridesharing Now Available in Upstate NY

Ridesharing is now available in Upstate NY! The NYS Senate passed legislating legalizing the service outside of New York City.

From auburnpub.com:

The state Department of Motor Vehicles will be responsible for regulating the ride-sharing industry. There will be uniform licensing requirements for ride-sharing companies. Local government officials — all counties and cities with at least 100,000 people — will have the option to disallow ride-sharing in their communities. But it won't change who's ultimately responsible for regulating the industry. Uber and other ride-sharing companies will be required to have a minimum group insurance policy of $1.25 million for drivers who provide rides in New York. The insurance will be in effect when a driver is heading to pick up a passenger and until the individual is dropped off at their final destination. 

[Image from The Buffalo News]