Video | Wellington's Shakes Up Holiday Cocktails & Mocktails | Downtown Albany

Video | Wellington's Shakes Up Holiday Cocktails & Mocktails

Video | Wellington's Shakes Up Holiday Cocktails & Mocktails

Are you ready to shake up your holidays with new cocktails and mocktails? Staff at Wellington's joined us for a Facebook live event to mix up some delicious beverages you can enjoy in the Downtown location or make for your next gathering.

Check out the video on Facebook here or on YouTube here

Cocktail recipes:
Hot Buttered Rum
2 oz Quackenbush Amber Rum
.5 oz Allspice dram
.5 oz Nux Walnut liqueur
3 T compound maple butter
6 oz steaming hot water/cider

Compound Butter Recipe
2lbs softened butter
1.5 Cup brown sugar
4Tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp cinnamon
1 tbsp ginger
1 tbsp allspice
2 tbsp nugmet
1 cup maple syrup
Combine alcohol and butter in a hot mug, slowly stirring in the hot water or cider. Garnish with a cinnamon stick. OR you can combin all ingredients in a steaming pitcher and use the steam want to heat until the temperature of 140F is reached.

Smoked Marasca Manhattan
2 oz Black Button 4 Grain Bourbon
1 oz Antica Carpano Sweet Vermouth
2 luxardo cherries
3 dashes angostura bitters
Flamed orange zest
Smoked XL rocks

Pour in a mixing beaker.  Carefully muddle cherries with the vermouth, bourbon, and bitter.  Add ice, and lightly stir.  Strain into a rocks glass with a house smoked ice cube.  Flame the zest over the drink and wipe the rim.  Garnish with flamed zest and 1 luxardo cherry on a bamboo skewer
Mocktail recipes:
Virgin Easy Living
1.5oz pineapple juice
1.5oz cranberry juice
1oz orange juice
.25oz grenadine

In a tall glass with ice pour in cranberry juice first, then pineapple and orange, top with the grenadine.

Sparkling grape juice mimosa
Muddled raspberries
1.5oz Orange juice
1oz cranberry juice
5oz Sparkling grape juice

Muddle fruit in tall glass, add ice, pour sparkling juice and then fruit juice. Garnish with an orange wheel.

Bartenders notes: get creative with the different berries/fruit you muddle and juices you use too; mango juice is a great substitution!