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Street Parking

Street Parking

From newly renovated streets to old cobbled stone paths, there are plenty of metered parking spaces to be found along the downtown Albany’s streets. But did you know that there are two different types of meters (single space meters and pay and display meters) currently in Downtown?  

Street parking in Downtown is free after 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends and major national holidays.  

Single Space Meters

Street parking in downtown Albany is managed by the Albany Parking Authority (APA)| 518.434.8886. Single space meters accept only US quarters, gold-colored (Sacagawea and Presidential) dollar coins and CASHKEYS. Other coins will not register time on these types meters. Generally, these meters allow parking for 1 to 10 hours with the most common duration being 2 hours. Make sure to look for the signs (posted every block), advising of the parking time limit for meters.

Pay and Display Meters

Being installed throughout Downtown, the solar powered Pay and Display Meters will eventually replace most street meters in Downtown. These meters accept all US coins except pennies, as well as Visa and Mastercard and run on a gradually increasing rate structure, generally up to 10 hours. If you don’t see single space meters where you are parked, look around to find the solar meter machine and follow the panel instructions.

CashKey is a programmable key that works much like a debit card and eliminates the need to carry quarters for parking meters. Resembling an actual key (for convenience and durability), the device can be programmed with prepaid amounts in $10 increments up to $100 and can also be used in combination with coins.

Please Note: the CashKey can only be used at single space parking meters. Learn more and watch an instructional video