Daniel Mozzes Design

Daniel Mozzes Design

61 N Pearl Street - Steuben Walk #1 | 518.729.6024

Daniel Mozzes has lived and trained in a variety of locations: Europe, South America and North America. He has had a lifelong interest in color and light, and their interaction with movement.

These interests and his experience with diverse cultures and traditions are reflected in his unique fashion designs at Daniel Mozzes Design. His pieces demonstrate a disciplined attention to detail, and a simultaneous willingness to incorporate new concepts. He always strives to support and enhance the gracefulness and elegance of his clientele.

One word that will never be said about Daniel Mozzes or his designs is boring.  His philosophy is that we need to surround ourselves with a happy atmosphere, be more bold (in attitude as much as in the colors and materials you wear), and maintain an air of mystery. Summing up his designs, Mozzes shares, "Every dress is couture, every dress is special, and every dress says something about you and me." Mozzes’ garments can be found in Saratoga Trunk, and by appointment at his Albany studio, as well as at numerous fashion shows.

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